Meeting Room Policy

The Sibley Public Library Board of Trustees welcomes the use of its meeting room at no charge, subject to the following regulations:


1. The meeting room is available for use by any non-profit organization or individual, however, no admission fee may be charged, collection taken, or product sold. Exceptions may be made in the case of paid registrations to cover the expense of educational courses, which the library or other accredited educational institutions may sponsor.

2. Groups in the meeting room may use library equipment, provided a representative is instructed in the use of the equipment. Equipment available for use in the meeting room includes a 72 inch Smart TV with sound bar, a screen, white board, and projector.

3. The fact that an individual or organization is permitted to meet in the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the organization or individual.

4. Fire safety regulations require that no more than 36 persons be in the meeting room at one time.

5. Reservations for the meeting room may be made in person, in writing, or by telephone and will be taken in order of receipt. 

6. When a reservation is made for use of the meeting room, the following information must be given: a) Date and Time of meeting b) Name of Organization/Individual c) Contact phone number d) Estimated number of people attending e) Expected length of meeting

7. A small refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot are available in the meeting room. Each organization or individual must provide their own coffee. Alcohol is not permitted.

8. Children, age 9 and under, must remain in the meeting room with their parent or caregiver. The library is not responsible for children who are left unattended while their parent/caregiver is in a meeting. (See Safe Child Policy)

9. The meeting room must be left in the same condition as it was found. If tables are moved, they must be returned to their original place. Charges for any additional cleanup will be billed to the organization or individual, at the rate of $10.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of $10.00. Organizations and individuals are responsible for the cost of repairs and any damage resulting from the use of the meeting room.

10. The meeting room is only available during regular library hours and meetings must conclude ten minutes prior to closing, unless it is a city and/or library sponsored meeting. 


Adopted: 08-02-2011

Amended: 02-07-2023

Reviewed: 02-07-2023

Scheduled for Review: 01-2026