Emergency Procedures Policy

Inclement Weather/Emergency Closing:

The library may close or postpone opening when weather conditions exist making it highly difficult for travel. The primary factor of any decision made will be the safety of the staff and the library patrons. However, maximum effort will be made to maintain regular operating hours. The staff person in charge will contact KIWA either by phone (712-324-2597) or email (newstips@kiwaradio.com). If the library closes early, a sign will be posted on the front door. Time taken off by staff due to poor weather conditions while the library remains open is to be used as vacation, a personal day, or is unpaid. This is in compliance with the City of Sibley policies. 


Other Emergencies:

Bomb Threats:

In case of a bomb threat, call 911, evacuate the building, and lock the door.



In case of fire, pull the fire alarm and evacuate the building immediately. Call 911 as soon as possible. There are 2 exits on the main floor and one exit on the second floor. Fire extinguishers are located on each floor. At no point will a library employee put his or her safety at risk by trying to search the building or extinguish a fire. Normal routine may resume when the all clear sign is given.


Hazardous Materials Spill:

In the event of a hazardous materials spill in the area, keep all windows and doors closed. Heating and cooling units (5 total) should be shut off. Staff and patrons will be asked to stay in the library until conditions are safe.


Health Emergencies:

In case of a medical emergency, call 911. No medication, including aspirin, should ever be dispensed to the public. An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is stored in the cupboard behind the circulation desk.


Threatening Situations:

In the event of a dangerous situation, use the existing panic buttons (located on each floor) or call 911.


Tornado and Thunderstorms:

If a tornado warning is issued or sirens are sounded the staff should instruct everyone to go to the basement. Stay in the basement area and wait for the all clear signal.


Emergency Numbers:

Call 911 for any emergency

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office                                 754-2556

Sibley City Office                                                       754-2541




Adopted: July 5, 2012

Reviewed: Mar. 5, 2024

Amended: Mar. 5, 2024

Scheduled for Review: March 2027