DVD Policy

1. Borrowers must have a valid library card for which no overdue materials or fines over $5.00 are outstanding.


2. The loan period for a DVD is two weeks. If returned late, there is an over charge of $.25/title/day with a maximum charge of $5.00/DVD.


3. The patron is responsible for the return of the DVD in good condition. In the case of loss, theft or damage, the patron will be charged with the full replacement cost of the DVD. A damaged DVD must be replaced by the patron with a DVD of the exact item. It is at the director’s discretion that a lost, stolen or damaged DVD be replaced with something other than the exact DVD that was lost, stolen or damaged.


4. Replacement cases for DVDs are $1.00.


5. The library assumes no responsibility for damage caused to a borrower’s DVD player by a library DVD.


6. DVDs may be reserved. The library will call, text, or email when a reserved DVD is in for a patron. We will hold the DVD for 5 days and at that time if the item has not been picked up or passed by, we will then remove the reserve from the patrons name and pass the DVD to another patron. In the event that the current phone number or email address we have on file at the library is not working, we will then pass the DVD to another patron.


7. The DVDs purchased by the library will be “Home Use Only” DVDs.


8. The patron is responsible for compliance with all applicable restrictions of the copyright law.

Adopted: 8-02-2011

Amended: 2-07-2023

Reviewed: 2-07-2023

Scheduled for Review: January 2026