Collection Development Policy

Purpose Statement

The Collection Development Policy exists to guide librarians in selecting materials and to inform the public about the principles behind collection development decisions. Collection development refers to the decision to add materials to the collection, retain materials already in the collection, withdraw materials from the collection, and choose materials for library programs, promotions and professional development. The goal is to increase both the quality and quantity of the entire collection. The library staff strives to offer the widest possible range of subjects and views in varying formats and reading levels, within budget and space, and in consideration of current holdings and demand.


Selection of Library Materials

It is the goal of the Sibley Public Library to provide materials to meet the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs and interests of the community.

Under the authority of the Board of Trustees, the Library Director has the overall responsibility for the selection of library materials. Materials selected for the collection will meet both the current and long-term needs of the Sibley Public Library and area residents of all ages and abilities for education, information, culture and recreation. Materials are selected and retained based on the library’s Criteria for Selection and Withdrawal of Materials. The Sibley Public Library selection principles support the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights (Appendix A), Freedom to Read (Appendix B), and Freedom to View (Appendix C) as part of the selection principles.


Criteria for Selection of Library Materials

These basic principles will be considered in developing criteria for selection:


  • Library’s mission statement and service roles
  • Level of material funding
  • Informational and recreational needs of users, including patron requests
  • Authority, accuracy, and accessibility of the material
  • Currency of information in rapidly changing fields
  • Importance of item in providing diversity to the collection
  • Physical quality of the material
  • Current and future use appeal
  • Material format
  • Support of various library programs and professional development



The Library accepts gifts of materials with the understanding that the same guidelines of selection are applied to gifts as to materials acquired by purchase. Gift items not used for the collection will be sold in library book sales or recycled. Gift items that become part of the collection will be evaluated for retention on the same basis as other items.

Plaques or other permanent public recognition of a gift may be utilized at the Library’s discretion.


Criteria for Withdrawal of Materials

In order to maintain a vital, interesting, and usable collection, the Sibley Public Library judiciously removes from its collection items that are outdated, damaged, or worn. Selectors will remove materials from the collection as they become out-of-date, badly worn, damaged, or are no longer being used. Space, cost of replacement, and appearance of the collection are also factors. Locally significant materials are not held to these standards and are generally retained. Materials withdrawn from the Sibley Public Library may be sold in library book sales or recycled.


Access to Materials

Access to library materials will not be restricted based on age. Responsibility for children’s access and selection of materials rests solely with the parents or legal guardians.

The library participates in programs designed to provide patrons access to materials not owned, such as interlibrary loan, reciprocal borrowing agreements, and access to Internet resources.


Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources

Because of the rich diversity of human experience and opinion, it is inevitable that some materials in the library’s collection will be objectionable to some people in the community. The library in a very real sense belongs to the whole community – to the minority as well as the majority.

The library staff and the library board welcome comments and criticisms of the collection as a whole or of individual titles. Persons are welcome to meet with the director and then attend library board meetings to discuss the statement of purpose, selection policy, library collection as a whole, and individual items in the collection or available through the library.

Procedure to follow to express concern:

  • Complete Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources form (Appendix D) and submit to the Library Director
  • Discuss concern with Library Director
  • Meet with the Library Board of Trustees to discuss concern
  • Board may convene a community group to advise
  • Board makes final decision


 Adopted: June 2, 2015

Amended: August 3, 2021

Reviewed: August 3, 2021

Scheduled for Review: August 2024

Appendix A: Library Bill of Rights

Appendix B: The Freedom to Read Statement

Appendix C: The Freedom to View Statement

Appendix D: Request for Reconsideration